Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training provides instruction on the correct action to take in the event of fire. A knowledge of Fire prevention procedures and the confidence and competence provided by high quality Fire Safety Training is not only vital, but is also a legal requirement under the Fire Safety Order 1995.

Fireshield's Fire Safety Training courses are flexible and are always designed to reflect the needs of the specific circumstances of the individual client. The degree of Fire Safety training required very much depends on the nature of your business, the layout of your building and the number of people working in the building. The level of training you require should be established by a Fire Risk assessment.

Fireshield can also provide a range of Fire Training DVD’s that includes:


  • Introduction to Fire Safety

  • Fire Prevention

  • Extinguishing Fires at Work

  • Fire Evacuation


Fire Safety Training - User Tutorial

This is the most basic level of fire safety training. For regular customers this can be conducted by our Fire Service Technician during a scheduled maintenance visit. Available staff are shown the locations of your fire extinguishers and are trained in the safe use and restrictions of each type.